The Collector’s Room

The Collectors Room

Solo exhibition, Marcel Janco Dada Museum, Ein Hod, 2007
Curators: Nina Schwartz, Sasha Okun
Catalogue design and photography: Boris Oicherman
Partially funded by the Israel Lottery Council for the Arts, the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport
The exhibition continued and summarised the series of works (“Rendering of Writing” and “Descriptions of Wanderings”) produced over the last 7 years exploring the relationships between Collectors_room, objects of collection and personal memories. The work was inspired by the life and work of Yuhannah Dawud, a London based Jewish-Iranian Collectors_room of Persian manuscripts, who had partially destroyed his collection by means of knife and scissors. Three installations in the Dada Museum were dedicated to the space where Dawud has lived and worked during the last years before his death in 1969 and the passion this space had to contain. The work explores the extended acts of cutting-out and reassembling on various scales, spreading from the conventional exhibition space onto less expected and hard-to-reach portions of museum walls, enveloping and changing the space by means of installation – a “conventional” arrangement of furniture and intensified variations of collage.

Collector's Room

Collector’s Room
Installation, found furniture, found objects and mixed media, dimensions variable

Nocturnal butterflies

Nocturnal butterflies
From the Nocturnal Butterflies Collection of Y. D.” – 153 laser-cut paper figures (based on hand cut prototypes), pins. Average height of each figure 15 cm

Cut #4

Cut #4
Inkjet print on vinyl sticker, manually cut-out on the wall, 4.6 x 3.8 m

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